Logic Analyzer & Pattern Generator Accessories



This is clip that we include with our Logic Analyzers. The double gripper is designed for hard to make test connections of varying sizes and shapes. The double hooks assure a solid contact with easy-to-use spring loaded design. The narrow nose configuration is ideal for side-by-side stacking of the test connectors. The back end of the clip has two .025" square pins to attach to our wires.

11 clips
$40 buynow
50 clips
$165 buynow

The Nano-clips, with a 0.3mm pitch, is designed for small pitch chips. Its thin wall, streamlined design allows multiple test clips to be packed side-by-side or stacked for small footprint applications. The Nano-clips's gold-plated hook maintains a constant contact. The barrel extension is fluorine resin coated to maintain electrical isolation even in the tightest conditions.

4 Nano-clips
$49 buynow
11 Nano-clips
$119 buynow

Jumper wires
These individual wires can be used as wire jumpers within your prototype circuit or to connect the Logic Analyzer to your circuit. They fit over standard 0.025" header pins and are available in 3 lengths.
Each pack contains 50 wires in 10 assorted colors( Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Brown, Blue, Grey, Purple, White and Black).

jumper wires for your project interconnect

50 wires (5", 14cm)
$45 buynow
50 wires (10", 27cm)
$50 buynow
50 wires (15", 40cm)
$60 buynow

Logic Analyzer wire harnesses
The wires harnesses allow quick and easy connection between your Logic Analyzer and circuits. They fit over standard 0.025" header pin.

wire harness

Set of 4 harnesses for
$40 buynow

Set of 5 harnesses for LA-5000
$50 buynow

Clip and wire harness sets

These sets include 1 wire harness and a set of clips.

MSO-19 clips

MSO-19 clips and wire harness
$45 buynow

MSO-28 clips and wire harness
$48 buynow

MSO-9200 clips and wire harness
$50 buynow