USB-based Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers and Pattern Generators

Link Instruments has been designing, manufacturing, and selling PC-based instruments since 1986. Our Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers, Pattern Generators and Spectrum Analyzers connect to a desktop or laptop computer, giving you numerous advantages over a stand-alone unit. Our products allow you to utilize the larger PC screen format and to easily share your data with colleagues.


MSO-9212 MSO-9201 MSO-19 MSO-28 IO-3200 LA-5000

The MSO-9212 is our flagship MSO.  It is both a Logic Analyzer and an Oscilloscope and can sample at up to 1 GSa/s. The large 2 Mpt data buffers let you make full use of the 1 GSa/s (single shot) and 50 GSa/s (repetitive mode) sampling.


The MSO-9201 is similar to the MSO-9212. For those that only need an Oscilloscope, this value offering makes the Logic Analyzer optional.

The palm-sized MSO-19 is an Oscilloscope, Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator. It samples at 200 MSa/s and is only $249. It's USB-powered and small enough to carry in your laptop bag.

The MSO-28 has 2 Oscilloscope channels and 8 Logic Analyzer channels. Like the MSO-19, it's ultra-small and USB-powered. It samples at 200 MSa/s (single shot) and has analog and digital inputs.



The IO-3200 is both a Logic Analyzer and a Pattern Generator in one USB-based Windows instrument. All of the units have 32 channels; they are small, portable, and USB-powered. They operate at up to 400 MSa/s. The bidirectional channels can be used as Logic Analyzer and Pattern Generator at the same time. 

The flexible LA-5000 series is available in 40, 80 and 160 channel configurations. They can capture at rates up to 500 MSa/s. Optional Pattern Generator pods are available.