About us

Since 1986

In 1986 three Columbia University Graduates saw a need in the test and measurement world and an opportunity for a business. The need: There weren't any affordable high performance Logic Analyzers or  Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. The opportunity: PC's were getting more powerful and would provide an excellent user interface that would lower costs, improve data handling and provide larger screens than standalone products. Twenty two years later, and we are still here designing, manufacturing and selling what we know and love:  Logic Analyzers and Digital Storage Oscilloscopes. Over the years we have added Pattern Generation and Spectrum Analysis.

In 1986 our equipment plugged into a slot in your computer, our current products connect via USB 2.0. This allows you to easily move the Oscilloscope or Logic Analyzer from one computer to another. People in your company can share the instrument or to take it to a remote site.

We provide continuous support and regularly improve our products. Each product includes our own unique and "use-tested" software to make it easier to use more effectively.

Please call us with your questions or suggestions. You will speak to someone that knows the product, including probably one of the designers. Many of our features are a result of your suggestions. Link's in-house engineers are constantly improving our software and placing new versions on our website. Our products are not developed by outsiders, supported by anonymous people and infrequently improved.

Better products = Happy customers = More sales = Less wasted time providing unnecessary support.

Link's product mix is deep, not wide - it consists of just Logic Analyzers and Oscilloscopes. Our never-ending quest for product perfection positions us at the forward edge of the product development curve.

Check us out. Let us be your Link to enhanced performance.

PC-based instruments have many advantages:

  • Takes advantage of your PC's resources but not limited by them. All high speed sampling is done on dedicated hardware.

  • Easy access to your data for additional processing, archiving or sharing.

  • Display data on your large color screen.

  • Save money since our instruments share resources you already have (screen, printer, hard drive, keyboard, mouse).

  • Save space and weight. We don't need to sell you a screen and a physical user interface since your PC/Laptop already has them.

  • Easier to update with new features.

  • Allow you to easily print data or include screen shots into your reports.

  • High speed sampling and large data buffer. Sampling done on dedicated hardware.

Corporate Headquarters

Link Instruments Inc.
17A Daniel Road East
Fairfield, NJ 07004

Phone (Sales & Support)

973-808-8990 (9am-5pm Eastern Standard Time)